Tutorial 4

How to use NS-RAW with RTKLIB


This tutorial assumes you use 2 NS-RAWs connected to PC (both output in binary raw measurement mode) and COM ports not taken by earlier checking with GNSS Viewer.  Please also read the RTKLIB

Quick Guide: https://store-lgdi92x.mybigcommerce.com/content/RTKLIB_Quick_Guide.pdf

Run rtknavi.exe

Select Input Streams

Set Rover, Base

Serial Options set correct COM port and baud rate for base and rover

Format set SkyTraq

Select Options

Set it like below. Single for Positioning Mode to first get current location.

Don't mind the Excluded Satellites for now, leave your empty, no major effect with Single mode.

Click Start. After getting signal, decode data, and it will have Single position fix.

Take note of the position result, convert to degrees for later use

24.78985 (degree) = 24 + 47/60 + 23.4758/3600

121.0013 (degree) = 121 + 0/60 + 4.5519/3600

Altitude = 170.659 (m)

If in South, add negative sign

If in West, add negative sign

Allow it have Single fix for some minutes. Take note of any satellite number with signal below 35dB SNR that tracked later due to weak signal.

Click Stop.

Click Option. Set Setting2 like below.

Take note of Min Ration to Fix Ambiguity number, default 3.0

Set previous computed latitude/longitude/altitude to Base Station Position as below. Mine is a bit off due to capturing screens for this tutorial at different times.
Set Options Setting 1 like below to Kinematic (or Static). For satellite with signal below 35dB found before with SINGLE position fix, put the satellite number in Excluded Satellites list. Weak signal will affect rtknavi.exe not getting FIX solution.
After setting above, click Start. Ratio number will go up and down, after some minutes, after the number higher than Min Ration to Fix Ambiguity number set in Option2 (default 3.0), will change from FLOAT to FIX solution.
After a minute or two, Ratio go higher.
Test setup: on roof, under open sky

TCXO is temperature sensitive. So cover NS-RAWs if it is windy to avoid temperature variations.

Setup YouTube video


Result YouTube video



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