3D Dead Reckoning Receiver Module

The 12mm x 16mm S1216DR8P GNSS dead-reckoning receiver module combines GNSS positioning data, sensor data from 6-axis IMU, vehicle odometer signal, and barometric pressure sensor data to formulate high accuracy position solution even under poor signal environment or signal blocked area such as inside tunnels or underground parking lot. Barometric pressure sensor based altitude provides unparalleled floor level differentiation performance in multi-story car park 

GNSS Receiver Chipset

The Venus816 is a single-chip GPS receiver supporting dual RF input and automatic antenna switching in 5mm x 5mm QFN40 package.

The Venus827 is a single-chip GNSS receiver capable of supporting automotive dead-reckoning (ADR), odometerless dead-reckoning (ODR), or precision timing applications in 5mm x 5mm BGA64 package.

RTK Receiver Module

The S1216F8-RTK is a low-cost, single-frequency, 2cm accuracy RTK receiver in 12mm x 16mm form factor. It supports moving base RTK mode for precision heading application. Float RTK mode for decimeter level accuracy with baseline over 10Km is supported. The receiver can be configured to operate in base or rover mode.

GNSS Receiver Module

The Venus828F is a 7mm x 7mm GNSS receiver module targeting cost-sensitive consumer / industrial applications. Concurrent mode maximum update rate is 20Hz.

The Venus838FLPx is a 10mm x 10mm GPS receiver module. It is capable of 50Hz update rate.

NavIC Receiver Module

The S1216F8-GI3 is a GNSS receiver module capable of using L5 NavIC and L1 GPS / GLONASS / GAGAN signals to provide 3D navigation in a small 12mm x 16mm form factor.

Timing Module

The Venus838LPx-T is a high performance module in a chip form targeting precision timing GPS receiver application. It features 6nsec (1-sigma) timing accuracy and offers very low current consumption, high sensitivity, and best in class signal acquisition and time to first fix performance.

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